Treatment in Dr T’s Office

A Healthy Diet is key to overcoming diabesity

Addressing the Causes of Chronic Disease

I’m Dr. Frank Tortorice and the focus of my work revolves around a comprehensive approach to addressing the chronic diseases that face people today. These are the conditions for which mainstream medicine has little to offer.

When you visit our center, you will experience a very different, very personalized approach to your healthcare.

First Visit Starts with In Depth Approach

We start with an in depth questionnaire that looks at your life as a whole and identifies which areas require further exploration.

We then combine standard medical testing with the latest functional assessments to identify subtle inbalances in metabolism, hormones and brain health.

Repairing and Restoring Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal

Our treatment approach is oriented around repairing and restoring your natural ability to heal. Together we’ll create a personalized approach that is heavily focused on lifestyle and nutrition. We are not content with giving you a list of foods to eat and not eat. We integrate nutritional education, cooking classes, and intelligent supplementation into your treatment. We support you every step of the way…even visiting you at home to help you “clean out your pantry” or going to local whole food markets together.

Overcoming Stress

We’ll also help you get control over your stress reactions. We’ll teach you how to make your nervous system work FOR not against you.

Often we are able to cut down or eliminate the need for medications altogether.

If you are ready to partner with me to transform your health, I’d be honored to help guide you in the right direction.