Woman triumphant over weight loss.

Dr. T here,

Happy New Year to all.

Now is the time for realizing the best year of our lives.

One of the goals that patients tell me they have is losing weight and getting healthier.

Here are three proven methods to lose weight in 2015:

1. Eat More High Quality, Unprocessed Food

Yes, MORE food. It is a losing battle to restrict calories drastically, and in the end we are bound to just gain back this weight or more once we stop this restricted approach. There are many hormonal and behavioral reasons for this failure.

Besides, who wants to go through the torture of unappealing, low calorie meals.

There is another way. Let’s eat to balance our hormones and endocrine system. Let’s reestablish our energy balance system and get in fat burning mode. In my practice we have many resources to help our patients lose weight while eating more and not having cravings.

2. Move More And Train Less

Yes, it is extremely important for us to be physically active. However, hours and hours of cardio is not necessary and could be detrimental to weight loss, or possibly cause us to lose lean muscle instead! It is much better to do a type of exercise called “Interval Training”.

If we incorporate these brief High Intensity bouts 2-3 times a week for 12-20 minutes only, we will lower our stress response and facilitate weight loss and improve our insulin sensitivity, and reduce hunger. And yes, we should see a weight reduction of 1-2 pounds a week.

3. Detoxify

We hold on to excess body weight and adipose tissue when we have impaired hormonal systems, Gut absorption issues, and poorly functioning liver enzymatic systems. We accumulate these toxins when we are exposed to them in food, air, water, and other environmental exposures. Once we reduce our exposure to these toxins our bodies will allow us to lose fat more readily.

So, eat more, exercise less, and reduce toxic exposure.

Make 2015 your best year ever.

To your health,
Dr. T – The Diabesity Doc

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"Sugar" spelled out with pieces of candyDiabetes Isn’t Just About the Sugar in Your Coffee

Much has been said of Diabetes and Diabesity as symptoms of high blood sugar, but that concept by its very nature is an oversimplification. There are many potential causes of high blood glucose, not merely ingestion of carbohydrates and simple sugars. In order to gain a better understanding of the causes of high blood sugar, we will need to develop a broader definition of the word “sugar”. Most people, when they hear the word “sugar”, think immediately of white table sugar.

What is Sugar – Really?

Nutritional sugar is comprised of varying proportions of the following component molecules: sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose and galactose. When sugar ends up in the human bloodstream, ... Click Here to Read More


Obese woman in bikiniIt is easier and simpler to define the true nature of adult-onset (Type II) diabetes by identifying what it is not, instead of what it is. It is NOT a genetically-inherited condition that you have no control over. It is NOT a failure of willpower. You are NOT a glutton or a sloth or a sugar addict. You are simply a human being with a metabolic engine that is in need of repair, due to years of consuming highly processed foods that have become a staple in the American diet since World War II. You are guilty of nothing more than being the victim of nutritional misinformation that has been heavily influenced by decades of economic and political pressures, not cutting-edge hard science.

The scientifically-established role of insulin and leptin as the master hormones of blood sugar regulation and fat metabolism has been obscured by the processed food industry’s campaign to steer Americans away from healthy fats and protein that promote satiety and a lean body, while advocating a low-fat high carbohydrate diet which accomplishes the exact opposite. Even when well-intentioned consumers try to make healthier choices at the supermarket, their good intentions are sabotaged by the clever marketing of highly profitable hyper-palatable unhealthy foods that are advertised as “healthy” by the food giants.

Diabesity = Diabetes + Obesity

Type II Diabetes and Diabesity (short for diabetes and obesity) is a condition precipitated by multiple dietary and lifestyle factors, which then leads to the further perpetuation and exacerbation of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle through the diabetic disregulation of hormones and neurotransmitters. It is truly an example of the proverbial dog chasing its own tail! When you become obese, you become diabetic. And when you become diabetic, you become obese and stay obese because ... Click Here to Read More


Heart with a bandaid on itWhat is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a disease of inflammation. Heart attacks and strokes, contrary to popular opinion, are not caused by high cholesterol, they are caused by systemic inflammation in the arteries, which functional medicine physicians can measure with various lab tests such as homocysteine and high sensitivity C-reactive protein. We also have a new test that we do here in our office called the Max Pulse machine, which measures the health of your heart muscle, elasticity of your arteries and how well your autonomic nervous system is handling stress and interacting with your heart. The aforementioned factors are far more relevant to heart disease risk than your total cholesterol.

Unfortunately, cholesterol has been unjustly demonized by our society. Mostly, this is because of some erroneous studies and conclusions drawn by researchers decades ago. Cholesterol is in fact one of the most important molecules in your body, a vital component for the proper functioning of virtually every organ system and cell membranes, especially your nervous system and brain.

The Mystery of Arterial Plaque

People also get confused as to the nature of atherosclerotic plaque accumulation in the arteries. It is actually ... Click Here to Read More


A pile of sugar with a wooden scoopHave you ever wondered why some people get cancer and others do not? Is it some sort of genetic curse? A symptom of aging? Luck of the draw? Actually, none of the above.

Cancer is in fact a metabolic disease!

I will explain in greater detail what I mean by this statement later in the article. But first, let’s take a look at the biological mechanism of cancer on a cellular level. Have you ever considered what exactly a cancer cell is and where it comes from? By its purest definition, cancer is basically just a mutant cell which was once a perfectly healthy cell. It was once Dr Jekyll, now it is Mr Hyde, and Mr Hyde is always extremely hungry! Voracious! It takes a great deal of energy to be evil! Can you guess what Dr Hyde’s preferred source of energy is? May we have a drumroll please………? Yes indeed, you guessed right (hopefully), it is carbohydrates!

Cancer Loves Sugar

Cancer cells need lots of glucose for energy, a nice big dose of sugar in whatever form you choose to consume it, i.e. rice, potatoes, bread, fruit, candy, donuts, ice cream, etc. Whether the carbohydrate is “simple” or “complex”, high glycemic or low glycemic, is irrelevant. Cancer cells do not care what time the meal is served, as long as ... Click Here to Read More


Man and woman working out with weightsAre You Sabotaging Yourself?

As a physician, I have lost count of how many times I have heard a statement such as the following from patients who said they had just come from the gym to “work off the pizza” that they had the night before. Unfortunately, the human body does not work that way. This type of thinking is an excellent example of good intentions sabotaged by flawed reasoning, which is one of the most the most common causes of ill health and diabesity.

Exercise Doesn’t Cancel Out a Bad Diet

I always tell my patients that they cannot exercise their way out of a bad diet. Exercise is indeed a great way to improve circulation and build lean muscle, but a very poor method for losing weight. I have never faulted the well-meaning general public for believing the myth of exercise for weight loss. There exists a multi-billion dollar industry of health clubs and exercise gadget manufacturers backing that myth! Even most doctors have traditionally advised their patients to just eat less and exercise more to lose weight. Remember, Lack of Exercise and Diabesity are closely linked.

Myths About Health and Nutrition

One of the mission objectives of our practice is to debunk myths about health and nutrition, so that our patients will achieve their desired health outcome with targeted effort backed by solid science. The most prominent myth that is the focus of this article is ... Click Here to Read More


A woman suffering from stress

Stress can Cause Weight Gain

Have you ever noticed that folks who tend to stress more also tend to weigh more? Perhaps even the person in the mirror? This is no coincidence. There is virtually nothing that can precipitate the accumulation of body fat or the onset of Diabetes more profoundly than stress! But how is that accomplished metabolically? How is it that people under stress can starve themselves and still put on pounds? Of course, we have already expounded upon the myth of calories in/calories out in previous articles on our site… so I will not belabor that point. What we need to do is take a close unflinching look at the exact biological mechanism that causes stress to put our bodies into fat storage mode. We discussed previously that carbohydrates and overeating raises insulin, our fat storage hormone, but now we will take a look at how stress affects insulin and contributes to insulin resistance, the underlying cause of Diabesity.

(Diabesity and Stress go hand in hand. See more in this article about Exercise and Diabesity.)

The “Fight or Flight” Mechanism

You may have heard of a condition called “fight or flight”. “Fight or flight” is our body’s natural biological response when we feel threatened by any person or situation, especially if that situation is life-threatening. In the Paleolithic era, that may have included included anything from being threatened by a formidable human adversary or a wild animal such as a saber-toothed tiger. We had to quickly decide between two alternative choices, ... Click Here to Read More


Woman exhausted from lack of good food and exercise.Do you recall the energy crisis of the late 1970’s, when hundreds of cars were backed up for hours at the gas station? Some of the cars ran out gas and were abandoned in the street. Sometimes, the gas station itself ran out of gas. This is what is happening in your body if you are low on energy because of Diabesity. We think that if we run out of energy, we need to eat more food, but that would be an oversimplification. This is why so many of us feel drowsy after a huge Thanksgiving dinner! One would think that all that food would give us amazing energy. If the calories were the key to having enough energy, then we should have enough energy to run a marathon a few hours after a 5000-calorie Thanksgiving meal. Besides, when we overeat, our bodies store away most of the calories that we consume as body fat, and so we feel tired as a result, especially if we have Metabolic Syndrome, which is a marker for Diabesity. Patients who present with Metabolic Syndrome are characterized by markers such as central adiposity (belly fat), high blood sugar and blood pressure, and dyslipidemia (high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol).

So then, where do we get our energy from?

Fats, protein and carbohydrates? No, those are all merely building blocks of energy. To go back to the car analogy, those macronutrients are what biochemistry refers to as “energy substrates”, they are the body’s equivalent of crude oil. We cannot fuel our cars with crude oil, only refined gasoline. So what is the body’s equivalent of refined gasoline? ... Click Here to Read More


You could go off into the wilderness and forage your own food.What does it mean to be human?

Biologists refer to our species as Homo sapiens.  We are the most highly evolved of primates.  We rule our planet, our brains are huge relative to our body size.  As a species, we are masters of our domain, of all that we survey, yet most of us as individuals are not masters of our body and our health.  We are victims of our poor choices in diet and lifestyle, something that geneticists characterize as an evolutionary mismatch.  We are basically pigeons eating french fries, lions eating candy bars, sleeping at odd hours, stressing over artificial stimuli.

Disconnected from Nature, we are suffering from maladies brought on by an evolutionary mismatch between what our DNA expects of us versus what we subject our genes to on a daily basis.  We seem to think that we are exempt from the laws of Nature that govern the health and longevity of other species.  Our higher intelligence has become our own worst enemy when it comes to our health.  We are living an unnatural unsustainable lifestyle.

We are suffering from “diseases of affluence”.  We have re-engineered our food supply to be convenient and hyper-palatable, we have reinvented our lifestyle to be artificially comfortable and sedentary.  We pursue pleasure over happiness, distractions over focused efforts, we have become mentally and physically lazy, we are swimming upstream against our genetic heritage.  This fundamental truth is the underlying cause of almost all chronic health problems in Western society today.

So how does Diabesity fit into this evolutionary mismatch? ... Click Here to Read More

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